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Annual Events

Christmas Banquet

The Arab-American Learning Center-Texas hosted a night of food, friendship, and Christmas celebration. Refugees and immigrants from around the Middle Eastern world poured in to celebrate the birth of Christ with Christmas music, special songs, and a special message of Christ delivered in Arabic. Thanks to the many generous volunteers, we were able play games and offer appliance gifts to winners. By the end of the night, every family received gift baskets of donated items. Even the children had a time to hear the Gospel message and play games, making the event a true celebration for all. Thank you all for serving in this event and we pray that you and your families have a Happy and blessed New Year!

Fall Picnic

At the Arab-American Learning Center-Texas, we make it our goal to make the refugees and immigrants we serve feel special and welcome in our community. For this reason, we hosted our first Fall Picnic with catered food and a time of friendship and fellowship. The sound of laughter fillwed the park as children and even adults played volleyball and other games! Following the meal, we had a time of worship filled with Arabic singing and special songs, testimonies, and a message about Jesus. The Lord moved powerfully in the hearts of our friends and we truly thankful to God for His love and divine work in their lives. We thank all the volunteers for serving in this event. We could not have done it without you!

Back to School Event

Every year, refugee and immigrant children have many needs for school supplies, backpacks, and clothes. This year, we hosted a "Back-To-School" Event where over 70 children's needs were supported through generous donations. Joy filled the center as families received the necessary items their children needed for entering or returning to school in Dallas. many thanks to all who donated items and served for this this event. We are truly grateful!

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